Videos capturing the craziness of India

Here are a selection of videos from India that starts to begin to explain the breadth of the Indian culture, landscape and feeling the country gives to anyone who who vistes this awe inspiring country.


  • Tabla and Sitar show in Varanasi
  • Clouds speeding over us in the hills of Sikkim
  • A Gorkha protest in Darjeeling, West Bengal
  • The ancient Ellora caves in Aurangabad
  • Inside the Ellora caves in Aurangabad
  • A boat trip down the Ganges at dawn
  • The Dalautabad fort in Aurangabad
  • The top of Dalautabad fort and surrounding country
  • A typical wedding party in India, seen in Mumbai
  • Train to Goa
  • The many tunnels witnessed en route to Goa!
  • Crows stealing food from the back of a van and look around a street in Mumbai

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