Video Playlist of Temples Around the World

Click on the videos to show just some of the temples we experienced around the world.

Temples are fascinating pieces of artwork that are often core monuments of cities and locations around the world. The different religions adopt their own styles and are symbols of faith as well as works of art work.

Every temple from churches to Wats has different structures and are built almost as a collection of religious symbols with different meaning, ultimately giving them a hall mark image. The stained glass of a church, number of levels on a Buddhist monastery or the orientation of the building itself.

Here are videos of a variety of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain temples from Asia.

  •  An ancient Buddhist Pagoda Temple in Hue, Vietnam (Buddhist)
  • Wat Phou Temple, Laos (Buddhist)
  • Wat Ban Fai Temple in Vientiane, Laos (Buddhist)
  • The ancient Ellora cave temples, Aurangabad, India (Buddhist, Hindi and Jain)
  • A Jain temple in Mumbai, India (Jain)


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