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Exotic Semi-precious Stone Beads

Mixture of Exotic Beds with semi-precious stones
With different styles of craftsmanship from Afghan to Indian and Thai bead styles we have a small but succinct range of top quality beads. 

Each bead has its own distinct design and use different combinations of crafted red coral, turquoise, amber and cow bone to produce some truly remarkable eastern styles, which could be used on their own or with other beads to produce some stunning jewellery.








Small Red Coral and Turquoise BeadsSmall Red Coral and Turquoise Beads

Beautifully crafted beads with distinctly Asian hand metalwork, setting a combination of red coral and turquoise stone produces a unique bead. Approx 12mm.

Sold as a pack of 3


Medium ornate red coral and turquoise beadsMedium Ornate Red Coral and Turquoise Beads

A similar style to the beads above, but larger in size and elongated to produce a fine centerpiece that reflects the oriental style. 21 x 12mm approx dimensions.

Sold individually


Small turquoise and stainless steel beadsSmall Turquoise and Silver Beads

Crafted top quality plain turquoise from Afghanistan that offers an attractive marbling and intense colour.  12mm approx diameter.

Sold as a packet of 2


Small bone red coral and turquoise polished beadsSmall Bone Red Coral and Turquoise Polished Beads

Red coral and turquoise set into bone using a glistening cement, then polished to produce a really interesting  and different bead.

Sold in packets of 3


Medium pure semi-precious stone beadsMedium pure semi-precious stone beads

Featuring a sodalight that carries different shades of blue to create an enchanting stone bead.


Sold individually


Large amber and stainless steel beadsLarge amber and stainless steel beads

Gorgeous, golden amber set in ornate hand crafted stainless steel.  23mm (approx).


Sold individually


Large bone red coral and turquoise beadsLarge bone red coral and turquoise beads

These large beads are beautiful and finshed to the best quality using the best Afghan turquoise and red coral, the set using a composite metal to produce a bronze polished finish.

Sold Out