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…where all of these fine recipes have been taken.

A feast of delights in our recipe book of dishes based on 2 and 1/2 years research, signed as a thank you. Online price is now only £24.99.

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The travel shop introduces a unique recipe book of around 56 dishes from around the world. We will show you how to cook the most delicious, local and commonly prepared dishes from 12 countries, in easy to follow steps.

Exotic family recipes passed down through the generations, will make you feel like you have mum’s all over the world!

As well as completely fully tested recipes you can expect:

  • Cooking tools section: A few people that shows you what you need to cook some of the dishes in the traditional way and alternative methods.
  • An Essential cooking section: Showing you how to make the staples of the different countries that will make each receipe a piece of cake.
  • Local family cooked recipes from 12 countries:
    India Peru Bolivia Brazil Argentina Antarctica New ZealandFiji Hong KongVietnam Cambodia Laos Thailand
  • Suppliers around the UK and online, for people to be able to find some of the more exotic products needed.
  • Packed full of full colour, quality images
  • 110- 120 pages

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Recipe Book of Local Food for Friends

WHY BUY NOW? A Recipe Book of Local Food for friends will support our first production run, get a signed copy with bookmark, £7 off, £5 cash back for hand delivery, a quality book from 2.5 years hard work, our biggest thanks! Only £17.99 (Normally £25) + P&P. UK ONLY. Please contact us for posting …

Sharing the World’s Local Food Book

 Sharing the World’s Local Food Real, local recipes from families around the world complete with fascinating insight on local ingredients and travel stories. 52 recipes from 13 countries. “Sharing the world’s local food” is a unique topic that warranted a unique recipe book.  It contains the possibility of cooking over 100 dishes from around the …

Sharing the Worlds Local Food

Stun your friends and family with the the real local dishes people eat around the world. Learn how to cook the authentic dishes people eat in different countries, whether you long to experience food from around the world or turn your memories of travelling back into the dishes you remember. All recipes were tested in …

Fair Trade Handwoven Khadi Cotton Shirts from India

Around the World Travel worked with a family run business to develop these fair trade, handwoven Khadi cotton shirts from India to ensure the workers received at least double their usual pay. We worked through the production process to ensure these Khadi cotton shirts are double stitched for durability and to create sizes that suit …

Mixed Beads from Thailand

Exotic Semi-precious Stone Beads

With different styles of craftsmanship from Afghan to Indian and Thai bead styles we have a small but succinct range of top quality beads.  Each bead has its own distinct design and use different combinations of crafted red coral, turquoise, amber and cow bone to produce some truly remarkable eastern styles, which could be used on their own …

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