Thoughts on coming back to England

It didn’t really sink in on our last day in Bangkok that soon our epic 16 months travelling abroad would be coming to an end. In the same way that I had often pinched myself in surreal moment during my travels, it now didn’t seem real that what had become quite normal would be coming to an end with a thump. ‘Normal’ had become never sleeping in my own bed and always moving, always travelling. It felt normal to ‘up and leave’ somewhere when the time felt right. That I realise, was a luxury- even in travel circles. There were very few occassions when I wished we could have stayed for longer because usally we didn’t really have a strict time frame or detailed itinerary. Besides, it was always exciting to arrive in a new, fresh place with new things to learn, experience and get accustomed to.

Sat at Bangkok airport in the departure lounge, I realsied that the biggest challenge of travelling was still ahead of me. Returning to my native country where time stood still in so many ways. Re-adjusting to life in England was going to be hard. Well, only because I didn’t want to revert back to what ‘was’ before. The challenge was to remember the lessons I had learnt and use them in my way of being and life. It is scarey how many stories I had heard from experienced travellers who warned me that it was all to easy to slot back into western society and the lifestyle that comes with it.

The key things I wanted to take back with me:

-The philosophy of ‘going with the flow’ and not trying to force things. Not stressing out if something doesn’t happen the way I might have expected it to. Not having expectations helps!

-Enjoying each day without worrying too  much about the future.

-Remembering all the generous and loving people in the world and not getting bogged down with bad natured and depressed people.

-To continue embracing all the beautiful landscapes and nature. I need to make more effort to enjoy what England has to offer and not get sucked into city life.

-Appreciating the small things that make your life a happier place. Running water that you can drink straight from the tap. Hot showers. Electricity. A government with a healthcare system. A bed and a roof over my head. Milk, tea, cheese, red wine and fresh bread.

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