Recipe Book of Dishes from Around the World

Recipe Book from Around the World

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Our recipe book of dishes from around the world shows you how to cook the most local and every day dishes from 12 countries, in easy to follow steps.

Learn the secrets behind how different countries treat their food and prepare it, so you can recreate these exotic dishes at home. We give you relevant substitutions for when a particular ingredient is not available in the UK, show you the core methods and ingredients that make up each places food, so you will become an expert in being able to cook these exotic dishes for your friends!

Our aim when travelling was to find out and then be able to demonstrate the local food from all over the world, dishes that people really eat, along with the stories and knowledge behind them.  Including some quality pictures, maps of the route, information about local food we encountered as well as tested recipes you can expect.

  • Cooking tools”: A few people that shows you what you need to cook some of the dishes in the traditional way and alternative methods.
  • Essential cooking” section that shows you how to make the staples of the different countries that will make each receipe a piece of cake.
  • Food from around the world: India – Peru – Bolivia – Brazil – Argentina – Antarctica – New Zealand – Fiji – Hong Kong – Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand
  • Suppliers around the UK and online, for people to be able to find some of the more exotic products needed.
  • Pages: 96- 115

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