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South America

La Paz- Salvador is about GBP700,it takes 27hrs and there are 2 changes; in Lima and Soa Paulo.
Bolivian airline
Santa Cruz-Sao Paulo rakes approx 5hrs. Costs GBP140
Linea Aerea GOL is a Brazilian airline. It operates several destinations around the world. In Bolivia it runs a Santa Cruz, Bolivia – Campo Grande – Sao Paolo Brazil route.

Manuas-Salvador takes approx 8hrs via Brasillia. Costs approx GBP120

Salvador-Rio De Janerio takes 3hrs and costs approx GBP55

Santa Cruz, Bolivia-Brasilia takes 9hrs with changes at Campo Grande and Sao Paulo. Costs approx GPB168.

Brasilia-Salvador takes 1hr. Costs approx GBP70

Camp Grande-Salvador takes 4hrs40. Costs approx GBP97

TRAIN -Bolivia

There are a few train services in Bolivia, operated by two train companies, eastern ( and western (  The western network is more tourist-orientated, with trains from Oruro to Tupiza.  There are two types of train, the expresso and WaraWara (the slower train makes more stops).  There are 3 or 4 classes, ‘ejecutivo’ being the best.  It can get very cold in the train, with trips in both directions mainly made at night.  There is also a working branch line to Calama in Chile but this only runs rarely perhaps once a week.  The main line form Oruro to Tupiza runs almost daily.

In the east of Bolivia, the rail hub is Santa Cruz, and trains go east to the Brazilian border and South to the Argentine border.  There is a train every day from Santa Cruz east to Puerto Suarez.  However, there are a mix of services.  There is a normal train that locals take and takes the longest. There is an express train. And there is an expensive and fast ferrobus which is a modern railcar, fare about 150/257 bolivianos per person (GBP13/23). Different services go on different days but every day there is some service eastbound.  Tickets can only be bought the day of departure at the train ticket counter (train and bus stations are together), which opens at 08:00 but the queue starts to form earlier.  The service south to Villamontes has similar service and a complicated schedule and goes almost every day.  The train is comfortable and for the eastbound journey pretty much the only way to go overland.  There is no website or anything else pretty much you just find things out when you arrive in Santa Cruz.


Expresso del Sur takes 6hr26m. Costs GBP5 for a Salon ticket (buy 1 week before departure).

Oruro-Uyuni: Departs on Tuesdays and Fridays. 15:30-22:00
Uyuni-Oruro: Departs on Saturdays and Wednesdays. 00:05+1-07:00+1

Wara Wara del Sur take 7hrs. Costs GBP 4.6 for Salon ticket (buy a week before departure). Costs GBP2.7 for a Popular ticket (buy the day before departure).
Salon ticket includes reclinable seats, tv, reading lights, well equipt toilets. Popular: Non reclining seats, toilets, heating and lighting.

Oruro-Uyuni: Departs on Sundays and Wednesdays. 19:00-02:20+1
Uyuni-Oruro: Departs on Mondays and Thursdays. 01:45+1-09:10+1

Santa Cruz-Quijarro
Ferroviariaoriental:The itineraries of railbuses to Quijarro are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the ticket cost is Bs 257 (GBP23), and includes dinner and breakfast. This is according to their website…

It’s worth remembering that although the railway ends in Quijarro proper, you’ll need to go back to its Arroyo Concepción neighbourhood (backtracking a mile or so) to cross into Brazil. If you’re at the railhead, it’s best simply to ask for directions to la frontera and go by cab.

The advantage here is that Bolivian taxis have permits that allow them to enter the Brazilian city of Corumbá, which can save you much time in formalities at the crossing. As noted above, the same holds for train passengers: Debark here (you have to, anyway), taxi to Arroyo and straight across the border. Once in Corumbá, fill out the paperwork at the bus station there and catch the train again. If you’re objective is Corumbá and not onward travel, it’s still the same procedure except that you don’t head to the railway station in Corumbá.

Possible route from Peru to Brazil:

Cuzco-Puno (bus 6hrs, GBP7, Puno-Copacabana (bus), Copacabana-La Paz (bus4hrs,GBP2), La Paz-Oruro (bus 3.5hrs, GBP2.5),  Oruro-Uyuni (train 7hrs, GBP2.7), Uyuni-Potosi (bus 6hrs, GBP3.8) OR Uyuni-Sucre (bus 9hrs, GBP5), Potosi-Sucre (bus 3hrs, GBP 1.6), Sucre-Samaipata (get bus to Santa Cruz ans ask to be dropped off at Samaipata 13hrs,GBP5-10), Samaipata-Santa Cruz (taxi/bus),  Santa Cruz-Corumba (train 18hrs, GBP23 plus taxi fare across bridge), Corumba-Campo Grande (bus 7hrs, GBP17), Campo Grande-Salvador (fly 5hrs, GBP100), Salvador-PuraVida Farm (?), PuraVida Farm-Salvador (?), Salvador-Rio de Janerio (fly 3hrs, GBP55).

Total approx cost: GBP 222 plus additional cost of unknown journeys.