Sharing the Worlds Local Food: Book Launch

We just launched our new book “Sharing the World’s Local Food and held a book launch in The ArtHouse gallery in central Bournemouth to see the book released into the wild so to speak with the due explosion of food and fare that has been surrounding its development.

The whole premise of this new style of recipe book is to share the world’s local food, the stories that surround the dishes and why people what what they do.  This is a book that celebrates diversity, locality and each countries unique culinary make up.  It is an exploration and a discovery, so what better way to do this then to put on an event that shares the diverse range of dishes that are in the book?

Unsurprisingly the event was a hit and we estimate that around 70- 80 people joined us.  The support was also fantastic including volunteer servers and top quality photography from Alistair Hyde-Tetley and 360 Film Productions.  We dashed around for most of it, but it was great to see everyone have fun around the area we love most; travel and food.

Full art gallery in Bournemouth

Full art gallery in Bournemouth

The hosts were Al and Laura, authors of the book out in some of the clothes they had picked up on their travels.

Al and Laura B&W

Al and Laura

It is amazing to have finally hit this milestone as writing your first book is never an easy task. Writing a food book is arguably harder.  Of course traveling around the world was not that hard (in fact we would rather like to do it again!), but was an absolute pleasure. Yet ensuring that the right photos are taken and the right research is being done in order to have the assets and information necessary to compile a book with the depth that was being aimed at was tricky.

You often let your guard down when traveling as it is associated with a good time, but writing a book en route required a constant eye on the ball,  and inquisitive attitude that led you to the authentic dishes of each area visited.

However when people were reading the books and saw the layout and content, people looked and told us that the images combined with stories and recipes are a perfect combination.

All feedback has been very positive and led in most cases to people picking up copies for their families also.


books in situ

Sharing the world’s local food book in situ

Of course people’s local food is important to everyone. Everyone loves and feels comforted by the food that is familiar to them, so it is a fantastic conversation point and with extra consideration on why local food has become a staple of every specific area is “food for thought” (boom boom).

It was decided that food needed to be done for the launch of a book based on Sharing the worlds local food, so we provided!  It was a tough call to provide enough food that made it worthwhile and showcased what the book was all about and yet not get too carried away!

So we decided to compile vastly different types of food to appeal to different people:

1.  Sledging biscuits from Antarctica.  An intensely buttery, salty biscuit designed to pack a calorific punch for explorers on the coldest continent on the planet

Sledging biscuits from antarctica

Sledging biscuits from antarctica

2.  Mu Thot from Thailand.  Meatballs but with an Asian twist.  The addition of paprika, chili and oyster sauce gives them a deliciously moist eastern flavour that works so well with sweet chili sauce.

Mu Thot focal food from Thailand

Mu Thot focal food from Thailand

 3.  Alfajores from Argentina.  Delectably light biscuits made from corn flour that sandwich the Argentine specialty- dulche de leche toffee and surrounded in desiccated coconut.  The sweet treat!

alfajores local food from argentina

alfajores local food from argentina

4.  Sopa de Mani from Bolivia.  Peanut soup with a vegetable broth that is velvety and smooth and yet has a deep flavour.

5.  Jeow from Laos.  This spicy dipping sauce is unique in its intensity of flavour. With roasted garlic and aubergene with sugar, fish sauce and a LOT of chili the sensation is rather large one might say!

jeow dip local food from Laos

jeow dip local food from Laos

Perhaps unsurprisingly then everyone walked around with a happy face, as the rounds of additional food came around.  The food was staggered as much as possible to ensure that late arrivals would be able to sample the dishes as well.

Above each of the dishes sat a board that explained about the dishes and although people were often so transfixed at what was on offer that sometimes they were missed, but the approach was like an art gallery show; you look at the art and then read the information sat next to it in order to develop your appreciation for its meaning and context. The ArtHouse Gallery was the best venue for the event we could have had.

Art and food

Art and food

This is why art and food work so well together!

So a great way to spend an evening surrounding by cultural stimulation, wine and food. What a gluttony of things to feast your eyes and stomach on! 

Our book “Sharing the world’s local food” is available here to purchase at just £24.99 or join us on Facebook for a friends discount.



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