Free Rice for the world

By simply playing this incredibly addictive game below the advertising impressions delivered to you while you play enables the website to buy and supply the world with free rice.  So what are you waiting for!?

This works through sponsored banners being displayed below the correct answer for each one that is given. This pay for the rice donated by the organisation as the advertiser pays for every ‘impression’ that is given and this is rotated everytime a new question is asked. 10 grains of rice are given for each correct answer!…

So let’s play and give the world the food it so desperately needs…
(Alternatively head to the freerice website to play it in full screen)


Rice is one of the world’s staple foods with hundreds of varieties grown and consumed in so many ways around the world.  It is the second most produced food crop in the world.

Rice is one of the greatest delivery methods of carbohydrates.  A relatively fast growing crop that provides a high amount of energy, generally through the breakdown of gluten in the body.  People have been cultivating rice for around 11- 12,000 years as a staple source of food. No wonder there is so much that can be done with it today.

Rice paddy fields in Cambodia

Rice paddy fields in Cambodia

A key benefit of this amazing grain is that it can be easily dried and stored.  As such it is great for supporting countries prone to drought or extended periods with no other food source.  It is so important that this essential food source can and is delivered to the areas that need it most.  Initiatives and charity work that helps alleviate hunger (See our own efforts to support the elimination of world hunger) are key to connecting food sources back with the local people that need it. Although we tend to aim to support people grow their own food rather than give a continual supply of food, which solves the symptom not the problem.

A fun game like this one is a great way to support people who need it most.

Loads of sticky rice!

Loads of sticky rice!

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