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Reasons to Travel – there are not enough!

Flying is a joy make sure it does not leave you broke

There are countless reasons to travel. Experiencing new cultures, trying interesting new food, witnessing the spectacles of nature, photographing animals around the world, travelling through landscapes on different modes of transport. Just a few reasons why millions of people are packing up and seeing the world. However if that was not enough we have pulled …

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7 Funny Signs

We found 7 funny signs and a few more that were a bit more lewd. We just had to share them once I had picked them from the archive! There is nothing like taking a girl you like on a date to a fancy looking restaurant in an exotic country and then being able to …

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Bungee jump cord snaps video and precautions to take

This recent video emerged of a girl jumping off a bridge in South Africa, near the Angel Falls, when her bungee line snapped. She was catapulted into the crocodile infested river below, with her legs still bound together….

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New Zealand North Island

We headed back with Ben in the bus and then to the place where he was to pick up the “Juicy” camper van. Another good weather day was in progress, which was good as it was supposed to be getting into the rubbish weather season. We learnt that it was Ben’s girlfriends Birthday the day …

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Guy my sub-atomic particle buddy, whats up today!? Man what bird makes that crazy noise? Maybe I should go for 2 cups of tea for lunch and start drinking more water. Where did Alison ever go, no one has her as a friend on Facebook, I do need to find out where she is…” is …

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Appreciating Auckland

We woke after a good flight, having numerous white wines and a salmon dinner, which was actually pleasant (I know we talk food a lot, but it is important and amazing when you get something half decent on a flight). After a highly rigorous Biohazard security check of out tent and boots with scanners and …

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