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To Varanasi and Luxury!

Landing on in our 2-tiered AC cabin because every other class was full, we were happy as we had previously decided to try every class in order to compare and find out what the differences were. Thus the relatively expensive Rs1950 (30 pounds for both) was a must and we didn’t feel bad. Feeling good …

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Agra and the Taj

The only issue of our 26 hour delay was the fact that we had 2 days in Agra to see the town. Although we this was the only place that we were going to only see a tourist sight 2 days would have been good. We landed at 12:30pm and had our train out to …

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Working North via Jalgaon

This is a grubby little town, similar to Aurangabad. It is dusty hot, essentially “Arid” all over. That is fine though as we only have one night here before continuing our journey up to Agra. Despite the general grime of the town, due to its position on the railway line it has become a hub …

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Ellora Caves and around Aurangabad

After a day’s washing, sleeping, getting cash and finding our way around the city we headed out for a day in Dalautabad. Catching the bus was a bit of a nightmare. Feeling a little ropey from food the night before, we managed to squeeze through the massive pushing match, screams and kids being crushed so …

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Arriving in Aurangabad

Kailash restaurant, Railway Station Road in Rachanakar colony

After spending 6 hours the night before uploading photos due to numerous power failures rendering Internet use almost impossible, a 6am start was tiring. We set of to find a rickshaw hoping that we would receive the usual battle. After dismissing the first group on a scam, the next was ok and we made it …

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From the farm to reality then Aurangabad

Pune to Aurangabad

Khatpevadi Valley Mango Farm

At 5pm on the 18th May 2010 a yellow rickshaw approached us on the roadside and Umesh appeared with a smile and helped us jam our bags into the rickshaw. It seemed strange being picked up by someone you have met online, to a place you do not know. Yet having done exactly that in …

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Leaving Goa, Onwards to Pune

So the adventure really begins. After our 2 week break on the golden sands of Goa, relaxing as much as possible, getting acclimatised to the hot, humid heat of the Indian summer. We spent our last day at Boomshanka, soaking up the relaxing vibes and trying to memorise the beautiful sunset. The next morning we …

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Relaxing in a Goan Paradise

I could get used to this… Relaxing in a goan paradise, hanging out with the Boom Shankar guys, who are all ace. The great thing about this time of year is that there are hardly any tourists. The beach is empty, the service quick and personable. Ok that is more than one thing, but this …

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Oh let’s all Go to Goa!

Finally arriving in Goa and relaxing on the beach.

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