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Nomads in the UK Couchsurfing with friends

It's things like the underground line

Since arriving back after 16 months on the road, we embarked on a journey in the UK couchsurfing with friends around the country. With no real base, we saw this gap between traveling and ‘reality’ as the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family. With so many welcoming friends insisting we come and …

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China Pakistan border lies and a fantastic bus journey

Karimabad, Pakistan and the first hot shower for 5 days clean clothes and great food. It is times like this that you really appreciate when you are on the road. What an adventure I have had. Sunday morning in Kashi and I immediately went to the international bus station. After a while 8 people from …

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Northern China Over the Himalayas

So can you guess which way I chose? I arrived in Xi’an in Northern China after another 16 hour 12 hour bus journey (they promised 12 hours, but of course it took a lot longer)… the bus hammered it west all night. China ended up passing in a blur, but I made an entire 10 degrees westerly …

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Busy Bees

And so we arrive in Delhi. It’s like everyone said it would be – absolute chaos! The image that sprang into my mind as we screamed our way through traffic to the hotel was that of two worker bees arriving back at the hive, after a lovely time in the countryside thank you very much, …

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Pt 3- Power and patience

  Day 5- Power Once more, rising to the roof to survey the waves. Once more, enormous, washed-out. At least I got to rock a different board- a 8’ plastic job, but an improvement. My turns and riding are working well, and I haven’t missed a pop-up in days. Challenges came from backward take-offs and …

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Part 2- Into the groove

  Day 3- Settling in Surf- An endless sleep and lie-in, leisurely breakfast and still early for the 10am muster. More good lessons- keep heading forward for speed once up, up quickly, don’t drag feet when paddling, practise nailing the cross in the board centre. The surf’s still washed out- giant 20 sec period 5ft …

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Lanzarote Surfing Trip, The Beginning

Famara beach

I left well before the crack of dawn, the feeble sun barely showing up halfway to Heathrow. The usual drowsy excitement of the first step. Immediately feel more myself….

Country roads and Kunming

I took a night bus at 19.30 from Shangri-la bus terminal to Kunming (205Yuan- 12 hours). The beds are never long enough, even for me at 1m 76. A few people smoke, as does the driver- non stop. Travel in China is pretty uncomfortable; stale air and the distances are always very long. I took …

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The Balkans- a Bleak Understanding

I said good bye to my dear friend Ivanka and walked for 20 minutes to the road that goes north west out of the city and stuck out my thumb, but it was hopeless. People clearly do not hitch hike around here Furthermore high petrol prices have seen that bus tickets have gone up and …

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Beijing sightseeing

OK, so other than just becoming random economo-political creatures, we also actually did/saw stuff in Beijing.  Like: – Tiananmen Square. Famous/ infamous for the  Tiananmen Square massacres in 1989 (although apparently most of the actual massacring went on outside of the square but hey ho) and the third largest city square in the world. It’s …

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