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Securing value accommodation around the world

Volunteering in paradise the chocolate plantation in Brazilian jungle

Flights, accommodation and activities tend to be the biggest expenses when traveling.  Securing value accommodation is often the easiest way of saving money. When you are seeing the world a low cost agenda is paramount as not only does this allow you to travel for longer, but also take up opportunities that you might not …

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Our final week in Fiji

Golf on Qamea beach, Fiji

Al, Pietro and I caught a small chartered boat back to Taveuni and then a taxi to Nagala Bay to head back to the main island for our final week in Fiji. The taxi was full of India-Fijians who reminded me of the Indians we encountered in India. Loud and dominant. They took over our …

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Earth Repair in Qamea, Fiji

From the beach we walked down a long garden path through trees, shrubs, vegetable patches, a huge Bukka tree. Tucked away, a house on stilts emerged with coconut trees towering throughout the land surrounding the house. A huge friendly smile greeted us that never left Gella’s face the whole time we were there. “Bula Vinaka!” (A …

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Adventures in Fijis Qamea

To Fiji! Waiting for our 4:30pm flight to Nadi, Fiji from Auckland in the airport debating on what our last NZ dollars on. We decide Sushi and casually walk to our gate. The Screen still saying, ‘boarding in 5 minutes’, so we thought we had time. For the first time in our lives, we were …

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