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Mont Blanc view from the camp site

This is the first entry of the European odyssey a one or two or five month adventure trekking through Europe to end in Italy and become a fisherman. Stage 1 saw us cross the English channel and pass through France into the mountains. It was dark when we arrived but what a view to wake …

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Culinary Paris and the under discovered Gems

Culinary and Paris goes together like peas and carrots.France is known around the world as the capital of gastronomy. Whether you believe that or not could never take away from the fact that the vast number of cafes to the Michellin starred restaurants are based on fine ingredients and fine preparation that results in fine …

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Quirky Curious Things to Do in Paris

Paris Sewer System Museum

When you visit Paris there are a few famous landmarks and sights which will be obvious first stops, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Chateau de Versailles, Notre Dame, the steep streets of Montmartre and the banks of the Seine. However, what if you have seen all of these Paris main attractions and you are …

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Nomads in the UK Couchsurfing with friends

It's things like the underground line

Since arriving back after 16 months on the road, we embarked on a journey in the UK couchsurfing with friends around the country. With no real base, we saw this gap between traveling and ‘reality’ as the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family. With so many welcoming friends insisting we come and …

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Barcelona Home Stays beats Hosteling hands down

Looking out over Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredible city that has such a diverse offering from the adventurous, night life to the relaxed that ‘Barca’ as it is locally known can suit everyone.  A family visit to the beach and hills, history fans, artists, couples who want to stroll down Las Ramblas and enjoy some evening street entertainment.  Barcelona …

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Exploring Ibiza

One of the beautiful things about an island is that there is a whole load of coastline, which makes exploring Ibiza great. Far flung areas of the island are not too difficult to reach by slower means of transport.  The fantastic climate also means that motorbiking around the island is fantastic.  Winding through the semi-arid …

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It’s Ibiza Baby!

Well after all that travelling it was time to have a break of a different sorts and head to Ibiza baby and a massive relaxation session in the sun. Nothing but good friends, beer, a pool and a good sound system or two.  We felt like we had deserved it!  So what better excuse than …

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Pt 3- Power and patience

  Day 5- Power Once more, rising to the roof to survey the waves. Once more, enormous, washed-out. At least I got to rock a different board- a 8’ plastic job, but an improvement. My turns and riding are working well, and I haven’t missed a pop-up in days. Challenges came from backward take-offs and …

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Part 2- Into the groove

  Day 3- Settling in Surf- An endless sleep and lie-in, leisurely breakfast and still early for the 10am muster. More good lessons- keep heading forward for speed once up, up quickly, don’t drag feet when paddling, practise nailing the cross in the board centre. The surf’s still washed out- giant 20 sec period 5ft …

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Lanzarote Surfing Trip, The Beginning

Famara beach

I left well before the crack of dawn, the feeble sun barely showing up halfway to Heathrow. The usual drowsy excitement of the first step. Immediately feel more myself….

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