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Antarctica (64°88’S 62°91’W)

Date: 2/3/2011 Temp: 4°C at 09:00 Conditions: Low cloud and dull grey sky, moderately heavy snow Winds: 5 – 15 knots SE After our cruise around paradise bay we fished out a large piece of glacial black ice. This is dated to 40,000 – 50,000 years old. The bar man washed and cut this up …

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Antarctica (64°09’S 61°00’W)

Date: 1/3/2011 Temp: 8°C Conditions: Sunny, clouding over later Winds: 0- 5 knots NW Having headed SW through the Gerlache Strait and along the Danco coastline we sheltered near our day’s landing- Danco Island. The morning is fine, crisp and sunny. It is under these conditions that Antarctica teaches you that white is actually a …

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Antarctica (63°01’S 61°58’W)

Date: 28/2/2011 Temp: 6°C Conditions: Low fog, drizzle, clearing later Winds: 10 knots ENE easing later After an hour of SW course we arrive at oursecond destination and come into the bowels of Deception Island, its name given to this volcano’s obscured entrance. Still active the beach is black and digging a little smells of …

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Antarctica (62°37’S 58°46’W)

Date: 28/2/2011 Temp: 3°C Conditions: Partly cloudy Winds: 5- 10 knots N Half-moon Island sees our winds drop to 5 knts, while sheltering in Half-moon bay. Set off at 08:05 with low cloud and fog making the place look desolate and eerie.  It is a harsh environment on this volcanic island. The beach is covered …

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Antarctica (60°00’S 64°19’W)

Date: 24/2/2011 – 11:04 Temp: 6°C Conditions: Overcast but bright Winds: 35- 40 knots, waves to 16 ft Crossed the political boundary of Anarctica and are now sailing SSE in its waters. This followed the more blurred ‘convergence zone’ where the Antarctic sea pushes north west to meet the others with colder, fresh water. The …

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Antarctica (53°47’S 76°81’W)

Date: 24/2/2011 Temp: 2°C Conditions: Overcast Winds: 15- 18 knots WSW Head South Eastward as we set sail!  Wind was picking up in Usuaria as we left the port. High streaking cirrus clouds show a change in weather from the sun of the last few days. Bags arrive after being delayed for 2 days, but …

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