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Sharing the Worlds Local Food: Book Launch

We just launched our new book “Sharing the World’s Local Food and held a book launch in The ArtHouse gallery in central Bournemouth to see the book released into the wild so to speak with the due explosion of food and fare that has been surrounding its development. The whole premise of this new style …

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Local food eaten in Antarctica

Is there a local food eaten in Antarctica? If so what is it?… The last wilderness on earth, home only to temporary scientists, penguins, seals and other wildlife, fighting for survival in a harsh subzero climate. It is no wonder that it took so long for mankind to reach this frozen continent and battle against …

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Chilling and Cute Antarctica Videos

On this epic voyage there were massive waves, storms, snow, penguin adolescents, humpback whales, ice bergs and amazing Antarctic landscapes.

Antarctica (56°27’ S 65°13’ W)

Date: 6/3/2011 Temp: 6°C at 12:00 Conditions: Partly cloudy Winds: 40- 50 knts S by W Yesterday was uneventful really, from a Drake Passage perspective. After watching the waves breaking and exploding over the reef in the English Strait we start rocking quite hard as the waves from the Drake Passage are funnelled into the Aitchoo …

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Antarctica (59°52’ S 62°19’ W)

Date: 5/3/2011 Temp: 5°C at 12:00 Conditions: Overcast to partly cloudy Winds: 10- 14 knts NW by NNE Today is our second to last. People are already feeling sick and practically nothing is happening, yet, considering this is considered the roughest sea in the world. Lectures are given all day and reinforce the status of the …

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Antarctica (62°27’ S 59° 36’W)

Date: 4/3/2011 Temp: 6- 8°C at 15:00pm Conditions: Grey, overcast, drizzle and sleet Winds: 25- 35 knts Today is our last in continental Antarctica. Over night I spent another hour on the bridge talking to Barrios who is on the 00:00- 04:00 shift when everyone else on the ship is asleep and I go to …

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Antarctica (64°72’S 63°17’W)

Date: 3/3/2011 Temp: 7°C at 15:00pm Conditions: Overcast and drizzle Winds: 40 -45 knts After around 40 minutes the wind and swell dropped. A landing is cut short to 30 minutes, but possible. I stay on board as exploration is limited to the hut and gift shop, created by Rick one of our expedition team, …

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Antarctica (64°81’S 63°53’W)

Date: 3/3/2011  09:00am Temp: 4°C Conditions: overcast Winds: 35 – 45 knots W People started filtering to bed until we were the last at 1am. Sitting in the freezing snow with 6 layers on and 2 hats, but still getting slowly colder drinking the bottle of whisky, when the stars slowly came out. Orion looked …

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Antarctica (64°69’S 63°57’W)

Date: 2/3/2011 Temp: -12°C at 23:00 Conditions: Overcast to clearing sky Winds: 1- 3 knots So, tonight is designated as the night for camping on Antarctica. We head NW for 2 1/2 hours till we reach a small cove on Wiencke Island, which is our destination for a night of camping in Antarctica. The journey …

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