Capt Karty’s Fishing Fun in Florida’s Key West

We love fishing. I used to go fishing as a lad down to the lakes and rivers in the UK.  However Capt Karty’s Fishing, sea fishing none the less, is another level and makes you feel like a real man.  This is not pulling in small nipper fish, but actually wrestling with natures finest and strongest!

Heading out on a boat is always fun, but going fishing with all the gear and a captain is a great time out for everyone.

It is a great day or half day out especially when it is coupled with the sunny and warm weather of Key West, Florida.  Open waters, interesting shorelines and lovely weather.

Often though we have found in the past that boats are packed and this is where Capt. Karty’s comes into its own.  A family run business taking out relatively small groups of people on to the seas with plenty of experience to be able to take you right out to the schools of fish and also to the big game fish like Mahi Mahi and the sailfish.  We failed to catch anything significant except a few snapper, which was enough to take back as a trophy but other people caught a lot more.

What this is really about though is to go out and take in nature and sea fishing doesn’t get better than in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is about taking your old man out and having a good chat about life and taking in the horizon line away from things for those few hours.  Sitting on the edge of the boat we heard the sudden excitement of someone suddenly getting a big bite.  The reel spinning frantically as everyone looked around and watched the fight begin.

With real characters like Craign Eubank who is a real good laugh as well as knowledgeable about the fish and local area. These guys really give the personal and friendly touch that makes trips like this so much more enjoyable.

Trips are fun, relaxed as you want them to be and can range from a short trip out to something more personally created with what you want to do in mind.  We learnt afterwards that trips can also be arranged for a few days with a cottage stay and Capt. Karty’s helps you to organise other activities around the Key West area.

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  1. I am starting to realize there is so much more to do in Florida than just theme parks. This looks like fun.

    • Sadaf khan on 03/18/2013 at 07:05

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