Bali: Where to go what to do?

When traveling some serious decisions need to be made: where to go and what to do? We wanted to go to Bali and Indonesia but failed…

Like most people we have heard some amazing things from friends and travelers who have visited this tropical island country. Yet unfortunately we had to give Bali a miss as it didn’t fit into our around the world flight ticket.

This is a massive shame though as so many people describe it as paradise. Considering the fact that Bali is competing with over 17,000 islands of indonesia this is a huge claim and goes to say a lot about what this relatively small island has to offer. We are thinking of heading out to Indonesia and Bali at some point in the not too distant future. So we thought we would collect our thoughts and see what other people’s view points were on where to go and what to do in Bali and around?

Bali regions map

Bali regions map: (Wikipedia)

From talking to people and especially Australians who live in the UK it is a holiday destination for the Australians, like Spain is for the British. It seems that the Australian miners and oil workers etc. fly out to take advantage of the party atmosphere of this small island country and the relatively low cost compared to the Australian’s swelling economy and the high resulting cost of living.

But where to go in Bali?  It seems that people are broadly split in two.

Those who want the more developed, well provisioned experience then Southern Bali is where the vast majority of holiday makers go and would probably be where we would need to head on a short-stay (max 14 days) affair.
Night clubs, shops galore, water sport activities and everything you could really imagine for a holiday destination.  Yet we are not massive fans of overly developed and touristy areas of any country. We want to have access to it often, sure, but it is too chaotic and westernised, so you never get a true taste of the culture.

If you want access to the hustle and bustle but be away from it our friends who have lived in Bali for over 6 months advise us to check out Negara (further away) or Amed, which is still coast side, but still relatively under developed and much more rural than the developed area of Kuta and its immediate surrounding areas.

Pura tanah ot sunset
Pura tanah ot sunset

We have also been told that it is worth checking out a villa rental place, especially if you have a few friends that you could pool together. We have been told that villa rental sites like Bali Villa Rent (See: have been springing up more and more as people look for alternatives to the resorts that are on offer.  Bali villas for rent are the perfect way to really enjoy your holiday in Bali as you just have your friends around, stock up on drinks and enjoy a pool with the sun going down as you listen to the beats of your choice.  That definitely beats a resort with hundreds of rooms and screaming kids everywhere!  These guys seem to provide good value accommodation, yet you need to remember that there is a massive range of quality and price that needs consideration and you ultimately get what you pay for. We prefer rustic charm!

Generally we would want to be heading up north to the mountains and try to get as far away from other travelers as possible, but when it comes to a trip that doesn’t give you the time to do so then compromise is needed.  I like the sound of a villa in a rural village somewhere, but am sure there are loads of alternatives?  Anyone have any good ideas?

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    Hi, I am from Indonesia. So many destination if u want explore. Have u go Raja Ampat place?

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