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American Hot Wings

I have been asked a fair bit recently about the American hot wings that I know and love. Although I have traveled around the world it is these fiery, crispy yet juicy bites of hot chicken wings come out above the rest. It is something about the hot, hot sauce, fatty but crispy skin and …

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Make Alcohol Tropical

Fijian Desert Island

Quiet? Great views? Lots of time on your hands? Sounds like you are stranded on a desert island!  However there is something missing.  The sounds of the Hula perhaps and also that cocktail that would make the situation perfect! We enjoy many long days and nights in hammocks around the world taking in the surroundings, …

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Have a Blinder in Bangkok

Fantastic street food of Bangkok

Well well well. Good old Bangkok.  The word in itself carries as much innuendo as the capital’s reputation.  However, despite the sex and under tone of the fascinating book Welcome to Hell: One Man’s Fight for Life Inside the Bangkok Hilton there is plenty to do in Bangkok.  Here are our checklist for tourists who …

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The best bargaining strategies in 6 easy steps

market stall

Bargaining and creating bargaining strategies is the challenge of getting the best price for an item that doesn’t have a fixed price…

How to eat Laos Sticky Rice

Sticky rice and jeow or Laos chilli sauce is perfect!

Glutinous or sticky rice is the staple food of Laos. As the vast majority of people live in the country, away from towns and infrastructure community and focus revolves around cultivating paddy fields. The rice crop is the carbohydrate that keeps people in Laos alive and since it is the glutinous rice variety that contains …

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Swanage was an old quarry town with train routes to London that served to ship the limestone from the coast to Southampton and the capital.

Ejected into London

Big Ben, Towerof London, London Eye, South Bank, Houses of Parliment, Leicester Square, Crown Jewels. There is so much to see in London.

It’s Ibiza Baby!

Well after all that travelling it was time to have a break of a different sorts and head to Ibiza baby and a massive relaxation session in the sun. Nothing but good friends, beer, a pool and a good sound system or two.  We felt like we had deserved it!  So what better excuse than …

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7 Funny Signs

We found 7 funny signs and a few more that were a bit more lewd. We just had to share them once I had picked them from the archive! There is nothing like taking a girl you like on a date to a fancy looking restaurant in an exotic country and then being able to …

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