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Videos capturing the craziness of India

Here are a selection of videos from India that starts to begin to explain the breadth of the Indian culture, landscape and feeling the country gives to anyone who who vistes this awe inspiring country.   Tabla and Sitar show in Varanasi Clouds speeding over us in the hills of Sikkim A Gorkha protest in …

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Video Playlist of Temples Around the World

Click on the videos to show just some of the temples we experienced around the world. Temples are fascinating pieces of artwork that are often core monuments of cities and locations around the world. The different religions adopt their own styles and are symbols of faith as well as works of art work. Every temple …

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UAE controlled substances: Prison for poppy seeds

pharmaceutical drugs

People travelling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or other Gulf nations should ensure they are aware of the banned substances and even those that seem harmless should be looked at before entering the country.

Recipe Book of Dishes from Around the World

Reserve your copy here! Pre-orders will also be personally signed as a thank you for supporting the book, so grab you personalised copy now before the book is released early next year!         Sign my book to…. Please use the button above to checkout directly on PayPal’s secure server Our recipe book …

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Of baseball and karaoke

After a stint of temple gazing in Kyoto it was back on the big old bus to Tokyo, only this time I would not be greeted by the u-bend of a toilet with more buttons on the arm rest than James T Kirk’s favourite arm chair. Instead we were guided by a lovely Japanese fellow, …

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Last stop Bangkok

The last night bus we would be taking for the foreseeable future was pretty uneventful. It cost 465 baht each and took 11hours from Chiang Rai to Bangkok. It was 1st class, not VIP which would have cost us 670 baht each. The seats were comfortable and reclined enough to fall asleep on. The ‘meal’ …

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Chiang Rai’s Deep Countryside

After another day cruising around the city, exploring the tribal market and heading further out of town to hang out in a more local area we decided that that evening we would stay in the hills at a Kamu hill-tribe village.  Recommended to us, it sounded like an ideal few days break in the remote …

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At Home in Chiang Rai

Approaching the bus station we were surrounded by large shops and tall buildings.  A modern city it seemed and a far cry from what we expected from the recommendation we had been given.  Tuk tuk drivers gathered hustled around the bus doors to secure business and most spoke a reasonable degree of English when we …

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Laos to Thailand by boat

Back to Luang Prabang we opted to try out a hostel recommended to us by a couple that we had met on the trek, Fi and Dan. This was better value. 60,000kip for a huge double bed, free tea, coffee and banannas. Worth a try for sure. We got dropped off at the Elephant Camp …

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Shanghai Scam

I did not even realise it was a scam until I told my story to some other travellers in Tai An a week after it had happened…. Two innocent looking girls aproached me.  The best scammers look like this I now realise.   They then ask me to take a photo for them, easy enough I thought.  I …

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