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The World’s Local Drinks

Indian sugar cane juice

Chilean Terramoto: Out of all the world’s local drinks this beauty is a classic Chilean Friday nighter. It literally means “Earthquake” and will really leave you shaking in your boots the morning after the night before (should you happen to still be wearing them at that point, which is more than possible). Whoever came up with such …

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Travel Checklist

Save and print the above funky travel checklist to make sure that as you rush around your house in a last minute dash because you failed to get everything sorted in time, that you do not miss the necessities. No fear! We have seen may travel checklists that amount to 2 pages and only just …

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Exploring Ibiza

One of the beautiful things about an island is that there is a whole load of coastline, which makes exploring Ibiza great. Far flung areas of the island are not too difficult to reach by slower means of transport.  The fantastic climate also means that motorbiking around the island is fantastic.  Winding through the semi-arid …

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Local food eaten in Antarctica

Is there a local food eaten in Antarctica? If so what is it?… The last wilderness on earth, home only to temporary scientists, penguins, seals and other wildlife, fighting for survival in a harsh subzero climate. It is no wonder that it took so long for mankind to reach this frozen continent and battle against …

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Bungee jump cord snaps video and precautions to take

This recent video emerged of a girl jumping off a bridge in South Africa, near the Angel Falls, when her bungee line snapped. She was catapulted into the crocodile infested river below, with her legs still bound together….

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Two Main Types of Indian Masala

Masala: There are two main types of Indian Masala.  People often get confused and think the concept is more complex than it really is…. Masala literally and just means “spiced”. In the west Masala is generally assumed to involve tomato or that it is a specific type of Indian sauce, but this is not the …

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What to take travelling and what to avoid

So without further ado here is our list of what to take travelling, what to avoid and what is a waste of space….  The Hit List!       Boots: We think good boots are crucial. We were told by some that trainers are adequate, but we found otherwise. I bust my ankle when wearing …

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What you Need Around the World

After travelling around the world for a year and a half you tend you get an idea of what you need and what you don’t. We read many different sources on what to take before we left to ensure we were properly prepared, while trying to balance the amount of things we needed to take with …

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Chilling and Cute Antarctica Videos

On this epic voyage there were massive waves, storms, snow, penguin adolescents, humpback whales, ice bergs and amazing Antarctic landscapes.

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