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Budget airlines ripoff Ryanair

ryanair ticket price

This is the second in a 2 part series on how to secure the best deals in flying and what this means. The next issue is close to my heart.  I have long known about ripoff Ryanair.  However I got caught out.  Budget airlines are a leading force in the airline industry and are attractive …

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Bali: Where to go what to do?

Pura tanah ot sunset

When traveling some serious decisions need to be made: where to go and what to do? We wanted to go to Bali and Indonesia but failed… Like most people we have heard some amazing things from friends and travelers who have visited this tropical island country. Yet unfortunately we had to give Bali a miss as it …

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Secure the best flight deal avoid flight fees

ryanair ticket price

Today there are many ways to secure the best flight deal, while avoiding flight fees and most involve planning and understanding the system. This is the first in a 2 part series looking at how to secure the best flight deals… The primary and most important piece of advice is to do your research.  Easy …

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Securing value accommodation around the world

Volunteering in paradise the chocolate plantation in Brazilian jungle

Flights, accommodation and activities tend to be the biggest expenses when traveling.  Securing value accommodation is often the easiest way of saving money. When you are seeing the world a low cost agenda is paramount as not only does this allow you to travel for longer, but also take up opportunities that you might not …

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Barcelona Home Stays beats Hosteling hands down

Looking out over Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredible city that has such a diverse offering from the adventurous, night life to the relaxed that ‘Barca’ as it is locally known can suit everyone.  A family visit to the beach and hills, history fans, artists, couples who want to stroll down Las Ramblas and enjoy some evening street entertainment.  Barcelona …

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Reasons to Travel – there are not enough!

Flying is a joy make sure it does not leave you broke

There are countless reasons to travel. Experiencing new cultures, trying interesting new food, witnessing the spectacles of nature, photographing animals around the world, travelling through landscapes on different modes of transport. Just a few reasons why millions of people are packing up and seeing the world. However if that was not enough we have pulled …

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Capt Karty’s Fishing Fun in Florida’s Key West

We love fishing. I used to go fishing as a lad down to the lakes and rivers in the UK.  However Capt Karty’s Fishing, sea fishing none the less, is another level and makes you feel like a real man.  This is not pulling in small nipper fish, but actually wrestling with natures finest and strongest! …

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Burmese Tofu Soup (Tohu byawk)

Burmese tofu soup is actually a Burmese soup with Shan tofu. Burma has has notable culinary influences from a few ancient tribes, as well as from India. The Mon (also seen in Laos and Isan dishes of north-eastern Thailand), Rakine and Shan people are the most notable in Burma today. Burmese tofu soup features a …

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Three places to get off the beaten track in Bolivia

Welcome to Tarabuco in central Bolivia

Bolivia really is an incredible place. Before we visited the country we never imagined it would be somewhere that would leave such a large impression, would be as impressive as it was. We didn’t really think there was a beaten track in Bolivia nor that it would be the place that you can really get …

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Top 5 Exotic Fruit

Jackfruit exotic fruit

Choosing the top 5 exotic fruits is a challenge since which variables do you use for judging?  Sure a fruit has to taste great, but there are other factors at work, like other uses they may have.  On the flip side questions as to whether they are impossible to collate or eat easily, then surely …

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