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Leaving Goa, Onwards to Pune

So the adventure really begins. After our 2 week break on the golden sands of Goa, relaxing as much as possible, getting acclimatised to the hot, humid heat of the Indian summer. We spent our last day at Boomshanka, soaking up the relaxing vibes and trying to memorise the beautiful sunset. The next morning we …

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Relaxing in a Goan Paradise

I could get used to this… Relaxing in a goan paradise, hanging out with the Boom Shankar guys, who are all ace. The great thing about this time of year is that there are hardly any tourists. The beach is empty, the service quick and personable. Ok that is more than one thing, but this …

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Oh let’s all Go to Goa!

Finally arriving in Goa and relaxing on the beach.

Madness in Mumbai

Well after a bit of an unexpected delay, to say the least, we finally made it on the plane. Delivered in Camper Van style thanks to Anne and Dave. Air India has upped its game since I last flew with them. Curtains replaced with plastic shutters, an entertainment unit in front of you with gaming, …

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Getting through the dust

Laura’s thoughts on departing London

Leaves on the Line and Clouds in the Sky

We were finally looking forward to leaving the UK and embarking on what is the ultimate trip of our lives.  Both Laura and I have always wanted to go travelling for pretty much the same reason:  to learn how other people live their lives.  This doesn’t mean to watch other people live their lives, but …

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