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Maldives An Exotic Experience

The Maldives

We often make plans of spending vacations beautifully and making them memorable. Some of us decide to visit our friends or spend time with our family or just enjoy lazing around or discover a new destination. I was always scared to water and usually avoided going near water bodies. However, this vacation I got a …

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Istanbul – the fabled city

The Istanbul Egyptian Bazaar

Connecting Europe and Middle East; a perfect blend of east and west; Istanbul is one of its kind cities. Istanbul has that cultural blend which is unique, from historic to modern. From numerous shopping centers to spice markets, the city has it all. The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is a transcontinental city. Its commercial …

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Kuala Lumpur

Tree walkways in the jungle outside Kuala Lumpar

Kuala Lumpur (KL as the locals refer to it) is (if you forget Singapore) the most developed city in the south east Asia. If you arrive here after visit Cambodia,Laos,Vietnam…’ll probably have a slight mental breakdown because this city is more advance and developed than even some European cities, with high tech infrastructure, modern buildings and …

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Culinary Paris and the under discovered Gems

Culinary and Paris goes together like peas and carrots.France is known around the world as the capital of gastronomy. Whether you believe that or not could never take away from the fact that the vast number of cafes to the Michellin starred restaurants are based on fine ingredients and fine preparation that results in fine …

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Ingredients around the world – Tapioca

Biju from Brazilian Tapioca

Tapioca is the name of the white starch extracted from the Cassava plant. Tapioca generally refers to the white starch extracted from the cassava root. Yet the numerous preparations and countries that eat Cassava means that there are also numerous names used, which is confusing. However either the starch or root itself are eaten in …

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Ingredients around the world – Bamboo Shoots


Bamboo shoots are a staple ingredient in Asia. The fastest growing grass in the world, used in numerous soups and as a standalone vegetable. Bamboo, with all its uses will surely take over the world? This is perhaps the only ingredient that you can say that one minute you are using to build your house …

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Free Rice for the world

Rice paddy fields in Cambodia

By simply playing this incredibly addictive game below the advertising impressions delivered to you while you play enables the website to buy and supply the world with free rice.  So what are you waiting for!? This works through sponsored banners being displayed below the correct answer for each one that is given. This pay for …

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Quirky Curious Things to Do in Paris

Paris Sewer System Museum

When you visit Paris there are a few famous landmarks and sights which will be obvious first stops, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Chateau de Versailles, Notre Dame, the steep streets of Montmartre and the banks of the Seine. However, what if you have seen all of these Paris main attractions and you are …

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Bia hoi in My Tho and a thunderstorm adventure

A shack bar selling bia hoi in My tho Vietnam

There are some moments in travel that stay with you forever. They are often the most everyday occurrence  something that back home you would take for granted. Yet when you travel things have a habit of getting carried away and turning into an adventure that leaves its mark on you forever. One such moment for me …

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Sharing the Worlds Local Food: Book Launch

We just launched our new book “Sharing the World’s Local Food and held a book launch in The ArtHouse gallery in central Bournemouth to see the book released into the wild so to speak with the due explosion of food and fare that has been surrounding its development. The whole premise of this new style …

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