Around the World Images

The world has some weird and wonderful creatures. Most people have seen some of the most famous varieties on TV, but it is only when you encounter them that you can really see their beauty, danger and understand their reputations. Our around the world images hopefully provide a broad range of the wildlife you can encounter.

We have categorised the pictures into broad sections and labeled where they were taken and the species when possible!

Spiders and Insects

Black Biting AntPoisonous Wolf Spider

Moths and Butterflies





Mammals Birds and Reptiles


Flora and Fauna

Plants of the JungleTree climbing plants





If you know anything about the species we have captured then please use the comments form below to share and we will add it!

A Picture per Day

Basically this is the deterioration and regeneration of one man on a long trip, with a photo taken every 3 days on average. There were no aspirations of a travelers image, just an experiment in change through a new found freedom from shaving and needing to look society’s version of “presentable”. Moreover, I just could …

Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna from around the world. There are so many landscapes we could uploaded so many fascinating plants and algae from every climate and condition. It is amazing how things can live in the most desolate conditions with bearly any nutrients. Yet also the abundance of life in the tropics. More are going to …

Delicate Chrysalis

Spiders and Insects

Creepy crawlies and ugly looking bugs that are my personal favourite. Trying to take a photo of a spider on a 10mb camera using macro zoom, just 10cm away from a deadly spider is exhilerating. Just to get that perfect shot. Do let us know if you would like any of these printed, or to …

Moths and Butterflies

Beautiful butterflies of all sizes, colours and shades. Using just a 10mb camera a macro zoom and lots of patience. Do let us know if you would like any of these printed, or to use them on your website, press materrial etc. More are going to be added and soon you will be able to …

Mammals Birds and Reptiles

The cute and the ugly all on one page! Mammals, birds and reptiles are perhaps the most tricky to catch on camera and they generally run away from humans at the first sight. We managed to see a few in action though and some you cannot help but go ”aaaaaaaaah” to! More are going to …

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