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….but why advertise on Around the World Travels?

If you target independent, educated, active travelers then please consider adding Around the World Travels to your media plan.


Readers who arrive at Around the World Travels are already interested in travel, engaged in travel content and keen to be inspired, but tips, travel recommendations on food, accommodation and more. They also trust the material and opinions being presented.

Readers arriving at Inside the Travel Lab through search engine referrals already have a high level of interest in the topic under discussion.

Audiences have moved online and onto social networking sites. A report published at the 2010 World Travel Market revealed that already, over a third of adults consult social media sites prior to finalising their travel plans and research reveals that people spend more time online than watching television.


Alexa: Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by females who are between 24-30, have no children, are graduate school educated and browse this site from home, as well as people on the road in India (32% of all logins)

OVERALL STATISTICS – November 2012 – Increasing month on month:

Google Analytics: 1200- 1500 unique visitors each month, 7000 page views each month (growing at  23% month on month)

Social Media Support

TWITTER: , Over 150 followers Klout Scores 52 respectively

FACEBOOK: Over 120 fans

PINTEREST:  Coming soon…

Advertising Options


Around the World Travels supports a number of banners in both the sidebar and footer that can be site-wide, category specific or post specific.


Around the World Travels is on the Google content network and so you are able to target our audience directly within the Google Adwords system.  However  you can also contact us to request a banner advertising campaign for a set period, which is payable by PayPal.

Sponsorship Options

Around the World Travels accepts sponsored posts written by ourselves, should the organisation and/ or brand fit our web content and ethos and where we know someone with knowledge relating to the product/ service being advertised.

All sponsored posts are written by a professional author who has worked in the travel business for over 3 years.  Articles are evaluations of the product or serve and may compare other like-for-like services.  We maintain a first class level of content and are not prepared to write fictional articles or exaggerate claims for the purposes of promotion.  We will include as standard:

1.  The name of the brand, product or service within the main text content where ever relevant

2.  We will link the name of the brand, product or service to a web page of your choosing that is related to the business.  Such pages must no redirect visitors to other pages, be cloaked or otherwise associated with other misleading content and business that is illegal or damages the reputation of Around the World Travels.

3.  We will provide a call to action to check out the brand, product, or service at the end of the post with the full URL given

4.  The article will be marked as sponsored at the end of the post


If you have a travel-related product you would like reviewed or you are considering running a blog trip or press trip then please contact me.

We are happy to write journals, blogs or other promotional content during the trip as agreed at the time.  All content is owned by the registered company who pays the expenses for the items or trips sponsored.

Find Out More

To discuss your objectives and determine a quote, please contact us.

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