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An Online Shop

Delivering top quality goods from around the world.

Khadi Shirts:  Hand made shirts from India made with a durable hand woven cotton material called Khadi. Available in 3 different sizes and several different colours.

Semi Precious Stone Beads:
 Imported from Thailand and including: amber, turquoise and red coral.  (Coming soon)

Picture Downloads:
 Quality photos from around the world to download. (Coming soon)

Hand woven jewelry:  Using fine shells from around the world and woven in a variety of styles for the neck, wrist and ankle.  Styles made for men and women.  (Coming soon)

A Recipe Book

Our first project is writing ‘Local Food Around the World’ recipe book. From the very beginning we have collected and learnt local recipes from all the countries we visited as one of the core focuses of our journey.

Along the way we have met great people who have been extremely excited to share their personal and traditional recipes with us. Without these people who so generously welcomed us into their homes, this book would not be possible. We want to not only share these recipes with you, but the stories that come with them.

If you want to find out when the book is released please fill in the following form.  (We have your privacy covered)


Share other travellers experiences. How can you get involved?
We have met so many knowledgeable travellers who have great stories and travel tips of their own. We now have a few people writing for us and contributing to the website. If you are travelling and would like to write a blog covering your experience of a particular place with tips on where to stay, go and the best ways to travel there on a budget why not get in touch? We would love to post your blog to expand the richness and diversity of travel information and experiences.  Get in touch here to become an author.

Where we visited, what we did:

We split our journey into two legs. First using a return ticket from the UK to India, spending 4 months in India. Secondly using an ‘around the world ticket’ valid for a year that enabled us to travel around the world from east to west via South America, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and South East Asia.  For a laugh we crossed the international date line and missed April the 1st. We fooled April fools day itself!

Our travelling ethos:
– To learn about the countries we were visiting from a local, non-tourist perspective as much as physically possible.
– To try and learn the native language and customs.
– To seek and experience as many different local traditional dishes as possible, learn about local ingredients and how to cook local recipes.
– To remain on a strict budget of 10 pounds per day for the entire 16 months we planned to be away. This included transport, food and accommodation.
– To embrace spontaneity, the freedom of travelling and of life.

How we achieved this:
-Traveling on local transport
-Eating where and what local people ate.
-Staying with local families.
-Working as volunteers in different industries, conditions and cultures.
-Learning at least the basics of the native language, which enabled us to hang out with local people and talk to them about their culture, gaining a deeper understanding of their daily lives.
-Eating and travelling cheaply whenever possible, which meant avoiding tourist-based services and following how the local people do it.
-Keeping an open mind and rolling with the punches- everything is an experience whether it is good or bad.
-Not getting sucked into tourist traps which cost money and realising that there are amazing places to enjoy for free in this world:  then going to find them!
– Living the reality that you can mostly do things independently and don’t need to pay for a tour package to visit and see places.
-Trying not to force a fixed itinerary or plan our route and journeys, but staying somewhere we liked and moving on when we felt the time was right.

Our Route:

India (4months) – UK (10 days) – Peru (1 month) – Bolivia (1.5 months) – Brazil (2 months) – Argentina (2 months) – Antarctica (2 weeks) – Chile (0.5 months) – New Zealand (3 weeks) – Fiji (3 weeks) – Australia (1 day) – Hong Kong (1 week) – Vietnam (1 month) – Cambodia (3 weeks)- Laos (1.5 months)- Thailand (2 weeks) – UK

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    • Si & Nat on 04/11/2010 at 07:14

    Heres to having the times of your lives, eating the best food, seeing the most amazing sights, meeting incredible people, having solid doses of fun and not experiencing a single day without awe and admiration.

    Have a great trip guys.

    All of our love,

    Si and Nat.

    • kev and lorrie on 05/02/2010 at 12:24

    only a volcano could stop you but now your both on your way,
    have a brill time and stay safe cause your both special to us we`ll watch this space lots o love XXXX

    • Bongi =) on 05/24/2010 at 12:33

    Hey Al,

    Hope you guys are enjoying the heat and scenery. May you receive much of the magic of India.

    Bug hugs to you both and see you on your short spell back,

    • mick & joy on 01/14/2011 at 14:43

    Hi there to you both, we havn’t heard from you this year & were wondering about the floods in Brazil, if you pick this up just give us an update on your movements as the latest on your blog is Nov 2010.
    everyone in Shropshire is o k & sends their love.
    Joy & Mick

    • joy & mick on 05/24/2011 at 14:46

    hi there al & laura, well we find you in new zealand, same as the u k is’nt it ? its a pity your not a country boy al with all those sheep about,
    we dont think much of the meditation trip, no speaking,no beer, & no sex…..
    joy & mick 24/05/2011

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