Travel Checklist

travel checklist

THE travel checklist

Save and print the above funky travel checklist to make sure that as you rush around your house in a last minute dash because you failed to get everything sorted in time, that you do not miss the necessities.

No fear! We have seen may travel checklists that amount to 2 pages and only just leave out the bathroom sink. You really do not need to pack as much as you think. Our philosophy is that you need the items that are central to moving around and accessing countries- including your home country.

This is why the above travel checklist is ordered nicely into priority starting with your passport- unsurprisingly. Clothing and hygiene items are not included as if you forget these then you will have a lighter bag and can pick up some local clothes that will help you blend in, are likely to be fairly cheap and ensures that you only pick up the items you actually need, as you need them.

The first leg of our trip we picked up tools and items we felt were necessary: a dry bag, plug, string and other things that were recommended. The next leg we ditched the lot, including the guide book, and picked up the things we needed as we travelled. So remember the important things and the rest will come.

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