Supporting the Enough Food IF Campaign

£2.50 from each copy of the book goes to fund the awareness-raising work of the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign. Helping give people around the world food.

As with so many occasions if you go with the natural flow then things tend to come together nicely.

We have long been thinking of ways to use our new book to support a cause relating to the management or production of food around the world. There are so many worthy causes around and a few we were investigating. Feed the children and Action aid are particularly worthy causes that are related to stopping hunger in the developing world.  We are not spend this article touting the worthiness of such a cause.  Pretty much everyone now is well versed on the level of poverty around the world.  So after working on a few perma-culture projects, witnessing how the failing Brazilian cacau crop hit the locals and ruined their lives, seeing the poor Bolivians fighting to grow their food in the Andes, it is clear that something must change.

hungry people food agricultural organisation

hungry people around the world (food agricultural organisation)

Writing a book like “Sharing the World’s Local Food” connects you with food and its locality. You see this relationship under strain as a result of global markets and international trade destroying the fine balance between man and the earth.  Something must be done.

Without bombarding people (again) with endless stats the Statistics Brain states that approximately 50% and 3 billion people living off less than $2.50 a day. We have witnessed first hand. The kids we witnessed in the many train stations in India, sniffing glue and raiding the bins for scraps was heartbreaking.

kids at the New Jalpaiguri train station

kids at the New Jalpaiguri train station

Yet the real issue is the fact that often infrastructure and the ability to grow food in the many regions around the world is inadequate. In particular for regions that are challenging as environments to grow food. Sub-Saharan Africa is the obvious example.

Whatever the the cause for not being able to produce food locally this must be the focus in charity efforts. The old adage “give fish and feed a man for a day, give him a fishing rod and feed him for life” is so true. We saw so many situations where people struggled to Fixing this underlying cause is crucial.

We like everyone else is aware of this pressing issue and we thought that using our new book as a platform we might be able to support such a cause.

Then the “IF” campaign rocked up.

This is an ideal cause to get behind that represents numerous charities that all focus on putting a stop to world hunger and that we will now be supporting through every book we sell.

There is an element of direct aid e.g. giving food to poor people around the world with some charities.

Yet many also (we think more importantly) are tackling the core issues surrounding poverty.

Stopping companies tax dodging in poor countries, providing infrastructure and ensuring that land is given to the local people so they can grow their own food.

Why now?

Nearly one billion people go to bed hungry every night and two million children die from malnutrition every year. We’ve made progress in other areas, but hunger is still the great scandal of our age. All around the world, even in the UK, people are struggling to feed their families.

In 2013, the government has promised to provide 0.7% of national income for aid and to host a Hunger Summit. We must make sure they keep these promises. In June, the world’s most powerful leaders will meet in the UK at the G8.

This is our best opportunity to tackle hunger. We must make IF happen.

We believe that local people should be masters of their own destiny. The locals know their own areas and geographical regions. They are better placed to produce their own food, understand the geography and be in sink with the local ecology.

Looking out over Barcelona

Looking out over Barcelona

Let’s support the Enough Food IF campaign together. Sign the petition below to show government your support.

If you wish to buy our book featuring some of the amazing local food from around the world then you know you are helping local people from avoiding starvation.

You can find out more and how to get involved here

Or sign the petition on the website…

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