Reasons to Travel – there are not enough!

There are countless reasons to travel. Experiencing new cultures, trying interesting new food, witnessing the spectacles of nature, photographing animals around the world, travelling through landscapes on different modes of transport. Just a few reasons why millions of people are packing up and seeing the world.

However if that was not enough we have pulled

Feed Great White sharks in South Africa:

See the most prolific of sea animals and the king of all fish in the sea- the Great White shark. The great white has a fearsome reputation, so it is unsurprising that people are in awe of them and scared. Tours regularly head out from South African beaches to watch as they hunt the seals off the coastline. Impressive breaches are exciting to watch as the sharks fly out of the sea from the depths to catch an unsuspecting meal. Similarly you can head down and “swim” with great white’s from behind a cage.

However how many people can say they have fed one up close and personal? Well head down to the cape and this is one place that you will be able to get so close to these incredible animals that you will almost be able to smell their breath. This of course is not helped by the fact that you are feeding them with rotting tuna…

See the non-stop lightning show of Catatumbo Lightning in Venezuela:

A daily lightning show awaits anyone willing to head down to Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo. The only place in the world that is set up to produce storms every night. Apparently the major sparks fly just after midnight after building in the afternoon. An onshore breeze that builds during the day pulls warm salty air from the Caribbean sea, which then collides with the Andes range and is forced to rise to produce large thunderstorm towers.

You can often be surrounded by storms as they throw lightning different directions across the sky.

Play with lava in Guatamala:

There are a few places in the world where you can see active volcanoes and even see and lava lake or lava flow. However the lava flow at Volcán Pacaya in Guatemala is so predictable you are able to get close enough to feel what lava is like really close up.

If you come prepared perhaps you could bring a mould to collect some molten rock and cast some of it to take home?

Look into the eyes of death, while in a hot tub:

Waterfalls are incredible sights. They are powerful and cut through solid rock. It is unsurprising that they attract so many visitors around the world to come and see the continuous cascading of water while listening to the roar as the water hits the river. Natural formations like this are awesome. Yet, what would it be like to get a different angle than normal and be able to look over a waterfall of this scale?

This is possible at the Victoria falls. Being in the top five in terms of scale the Victoria falls are massive and stand at 108m tall. Here you can peer over the side. Sit on the edge of a waterfall and look into the mist from the top, knowing that if you slip or make a mistake then it will be certain death?

Slide down the largest natural slide in the world:

New Zealand is well known for its outdoor activities. However not that many people are aware of a massive, smooth rock slope that, with imagination, turns into a giant water slide, called the Rere Rock Slide in Gisborne. We have been to many but this is the largest.

There is nothing better than knowing this slide has formed over thousands if not millions of years to be turned into a natural fun fair. It is not death defying unless you are being really silly, yet it definitely something to cross off the bucket list now that it just been added….

These are just a few random reasons why you might want to travel. We know there are loads more. If you have unique experiences or something you did that gave you reasons to travel then please tell us below!

Alternately for more ideas check out a book we cought for inspiration:  Ultimate Experiences for a Lifetime (Lonely Planet General Reference)

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