Leaves on the Line and Clouds in the Sky

We were finally looking forward to leaving the UK and embarking on what is the ultimate trip of our lives.  Both Laura and I have always wanted to go travelling for pretty much the same reason:  to learn how other people live their lives.  This doesn’t mean to watch other people live their lives, but to get involved in it, have a go and gain real experience rather than a tourists glaze of local ‘knowledge’.

Unfortunately we were not even going to make it that far- yet.  As you have probably heard a zit on the crust of the earth that someone decided to call “Eyjafjallajokull” decided to make history and ground all flights for the longest period ever in aviation history.

Eyjafjallajokull by Peter Vancoille from www.weerworld.be

Great.  Stuck by an acts of god… too far away to go and throw ice cubes at it and cannot really get angry at the earth for all it does for us.  It is unfortunate that the train companies have been claiming that trains are defected and delayed due to leaves on the line, as it makes this sound like “sorry folks we cannot fly today due to a cloud in the sky… it’s the wrong type of cloud”.  So instead we wait.

The good news of course is that the UK weather decided to show us what summer would be like here and so we have now been scorching and gaining a UK tan for 7 days now, since we were due to fly out on the 19th April.  Now we are booked on a flight for the 1st May.

For all the ills it is really useful to have this initial time: it gives you a breather, some time to collect thought…. “did I turn the tap off?!  No we moved out of there it’s ok” type stuff.  Ultimately this is allowing us the time to synch into “travel time”, where the day is never known the time rarely and a mass blurring of one day to the next.  It is strange being held in a holding pattern, waiting for that big something happen you know is inevitable, which stalls.  There is nothing we can do to make up the 2 weeks  we have lost in India, but enjoy the time here, get prepared for the future delays and mishaps that will happen en route and realise how little we now have to do and the emotions that involves.

We are looking forward to it now- we have the time.

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