Khadi Shirts (Rust)

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Indian Khadi shirts in a light rust colour. Available in small (28″) medium (30″) and large (32″) chest sizes.

Product Overview:
Unisex shirt made from 100% hand woven Indian cotton and coconut buttons. Bought at a fair price ensuring producers in India receive over 2 times the usual wage for the same garment.


Close up of the Khadi shirt
Khadi’s History….

Khadi is an Indian cotton, traditionally hand-woven using the loom. This amazing material remains as popular today as it has for hundreds of years,

because the loose weave draws sweat away from the body, while allowing air to penetrate to keep you cool in the summer, where as in winter air is trapped in the material to help keep you warm. Khadi was the established icon that Ghandi used in the independence movement against the British, as Indian households produced their own cotton for clothing. Khadi represented the self-reliance and traditional vales India had built over millennia.

Khadi today….
Khadi Shirts have taken this heritage and have produced sizes specifically for a western market, while still using the traditionally woven material, dyes and coconut buttons, while our stitching uses machine cotton for extra durability.  2 barely visible side pockets have been added to carry around the stuff you want to look after- great for festivals when you have a lot of stuff on you!

A fair trade….
We paid a family business over 2 times the usual amount paid to a garment worker to ensure we delivered a fair trade product that is both unique and part of India’s history and identity.

Size Options

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