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Laos Salad

Mamma Pap introduced us to the Laos salad recipe when we stayed with her in her family run guesthouse that sits near the waterfalls.

Quickly becoming a tourist attraction in an otherwise sleepy village where buffalo cool themselves off in the river while people wash their clothes further downstream. She recommended Laos salad accompany other dishes like Laap and part of a spread of numerous dishes that is so typical of the Laos way of eating.

We watched her closely making the accompanying sauce, which she tasted numerous times and altering until it was perfect. So make sure you taste the sauce before pouring over the salad to ensure the acidity of the lime, and saltiness of the fish sauce are evenly matched to make Laos salad really special.

Laos salad stacked salad tuna and citrus sauce

Laos salad stacked salad tuna and citrus sauce


3 vine ripe tomatoes Sliced
½ cucumber Diagonally sliced to ½ cm
1 small red onion Finely sliced
3 stalks of coriander Stems removed, finely chopped
2 hard boiled eggs Shell removed
1½tbsp fish sauce
½ lime Juiced
2tbsp vegetable oil
½ can tuna (optional)
1 mild chilli (optional) Finely sliced

How to:

Cut the eggs in half, remove the yolks from the centre and in a bowl mash well. Add the oil, lime juice and fish sauce. Whisk well so all the ingredients form a smooth sauce. Layer the tomatoes, cucumber and onion each time adding a light sprinkle of coriander and egg between each layer. Tilt the plate and remove any excess water collecting at the bottom. Pour the sauce over the top and finish with the tuna and chilli if desired.

To serve:

Leave in the middle of the table to share and enjoy with sticky rice, noodles and meat dishes as a light side dish.

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