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Bolivian Lomo Montado

Bolivian Lomo Montado is a simple dish with very little in the way of cooking flavours together, yet this is perhaps the most typical Bolivian dish.

Many dishes are similar in either ingredients or nature. Again it is the classic meat and “piccante” or chilli dip combination that makes it such a favourite.


1 egg
1 medium potato
2 100g beef steaks
100g white rice
1/2 mild green chili
1 tomato

Bolivian Lomo Montado fried pork steak and egg

Bolivian Lomo Montado fried pork steak and egg

How to:

Bolivian Lomo Montado hardly warrants a “How to” section, as cooking all the elements are familiar to most.

First pre-boil a pan of water for the rice and potato, which can be cooked in the same water. Thoroughly wash the rice and add a teaspoon of salt for flavour.

Depending on the size of the potato (which should take 10- 15 minutes to cook) add this for a few minutes before adding the rice (10 minutes approx cooking time).

Start to heat a frying pan with 50ml vegetable oil on a medium heat. Fry the steaks cooking for 4 minutes on one side.

Now roughly chop the tomato and chili. Mix well and season with salt and pepper. Leave to rest.

Crack two eggs into the frying pan. Remove the potato from the water which should now be cooked and cut into thick slices. Add the slices to the frying pan with the meat to take on some of the flavour, as well as to keep warm.

Drain the rice and split to serve on two plates. Place the steak on top of the rice on each plate, egg and potato slices on the side and scatter the tomato-chili sauce on top of the steaks. Serve Bolivian Lomo Montado immediately.

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