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Beijing Beijing Beijing

(to the tune of  ’Finland, Finland, Finland’ by the Monty Python-ers.) If India and Japan are polar opposites then Beijing nestles somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, mixing the old, traditional Asia with the new, all-shiny Asia. I have to say, it’s one of the most fascinating cities I’ve ever been to in my …

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Of baseball and karaoke

After a stint of temple gazing in Kyoto it was back on the big old bus to Tokyo, only this time I would not be greeted by the u-bend of a toilet with more buttons on the arm rest than James T Kirk’s favourite arm chair. Instead we were guided by a lovely Japanese fellow, …

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Traditional Kyoto

Kyoto is the heart of ancient, traditional Japan. You can’t go 100 yards without stumbling across an archaic – but beautifully preserved – temple, shrine or courtyard. That said, you probably won’t just stumble across these things as they’re quite hidden – meaning that Kyoto is not much to look at at first glance.  There’s …

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Japan – first impressions

So, India and Japan are polar opposites. In India, it was frequently too hot to go outside. In Japan, it seems that every time we set foot outdoors we get drenched in sheets of cold, grey rain. Everything is peaceful, systematic and reserved. The super-clean zen of Tokyo was a welcome relief after the hectic, …

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Shanghai Scam

I did not even realise it was a scam until I told my story to some other travellers in Tai An a week after it had happened…. Two innocent looking girls aproached me.  The best scammers look like this I now realise.   They then ask me to take a photo for them, easy enough I thought.  I …

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Past greetings from China!  I thought that Shangri-la was in India somewhere.  I know it was the name of a bungalow we took as a weeks hoilday at a long time ago in the UK and a resort in Laos.  Anyway I digress!  I am still getting used to China.  I like the food more than Vietnam or Laos, …

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Last Night in Vietnam

I was sitting alone as the Chilean girl I had met in Halong Bay went back to Hanoi.  Drinking my beer I began pondering China. I am as nervous as hell – communication I feel is going to be a big issue for the next 2 months. I feel tired and queasy at the thought …

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Thang Beng to Vinh

Oh what it is like crossing from Laos to Vietnam using Route 8 from Thang Beng  to Vinh (Route 8 turn-off on north south route 13 in Laos). I picked up a songthaew at the turn off from route 8 and paid 35,000kip for the 102km ride to Lak Sao. Nice scenery and so I spent …

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