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  1. China Pakistan border lies and a fantastic bus journey — 10/02/2012
  2. Northern China Over the Himalayas — 09/28/2012
  3. Planning a Himalaya Crossing — 08/31/2012
  4. Country roads and Kunming — 01/02/2012
  5. The Balkans- a Bleak Understanding — 11/28/2011

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China Pakistan border lies and a fantastic bus journey

Karimabad, Pakistan and the first hot shower for 5 days clean clothes and great food. It is times like this that you really appreciate when you are on the road. What an adventure I have had. Sunday morning in Kashi and I immediately went to the international bus station. After a while 8 people from …

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Northern China Over the Himalayas

So can you guess which way I chose? I arrived in Xi’an in Northern China after another 16 hour 12 hour bus journey (they promised 12 hours, but of course it took a lot longer)… the bus hammered it west all night. China ended up passing in a blur, but I made an entire 10 degrees westerly …

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Planning a Himalaya Crossing

Living easy, living free Season ticket on a one-way ride Asking nothing, leave me be Taking everything in my stride Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme Ain’t nothing I would rather do Going down, party time My friends are gonna be there too I’m on the highway to hell….(the KKH) Planning a Himalaya crossing: In …

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Country roads and Kunming

I took a night bus at 19.30 from Shangri-la bus terminal to Kunming (205Yuan- 12 hours). The beds are never long enough, even for me at 1m 76. A few people smoke, as does the driver- non stop. Travel in China is pretty uncomfortable; stale air and the distances are always very long. I took …

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The Balkans- a Bleak Understanding

I said good bye to my dear friend Ivanka and walked for 20 minutes to the road that goes north west out of the city and stuck out my thumb, but it was hopeless. People clearly do not hitch hike around here Furthermore high petrol prices have seen that bus tickets have gone up and …

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Past greetings from China!  I thought that Shangri-la was in India somewhere.  I know it was the name of a bungalow we took as a weeks hoilday at a long time ago in the UK and a resort in Laos.  Anyway I digress!  I am still getting used to China.  I like the food more than Vietnam or Laos, …

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Last Night in Vietnam

I was sitting alone as the Chilean girl I had met in Halong Bay went back to Hanoi.  Drinking my beer I began pondering China. I am as nervous as hell – communication I feel is going to be a big issue for the next 2 months. I feel tired and queasy at the thought …

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Thang Beng to Vinh

Oh what it is like crossing from Laos to Vietnam using Route 8 from Thang Beng  to Vinh (Route 8 turn-off on north south route 13 in Laos). I picked up a songthaew at the turn off from route 8 and paid 35,000kip for the 102km ride to Lak Sao. Nice scenery and so I spent …

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