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  1. Busy Bees — 05/04/2012
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  3. Beijing Beijing Beijing — 11/20/2011
  4. Traditional Kyoto — 11/10/2011
  5. Japan – first impressions — 11/05/2011

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Busy Bees

And so we arrive in Delhi. It’s like everyone said it would be – absolute chaos! The image that sprang into my mind as we screamed our way through traffic to the hotel was that of two worker bees arriving back at the hive, after a lovely time in the countryside thank you very much, …

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Beijing sightseeing

OK, so other than just becoming random economo-political creatures, we also actually did/saw stuff in Beijing.  Like: – Tiananmen Square. Famous/ infamous for the  Tiananmen Square massacres in 1989 (although apparently most of the actual massacring went on outside of the square but hey ho) and the third largest city square in the world. It’s …

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Beijing Beijing Beijing

(to the tune of  ’Finland, Finland, Finland’ by the Monty Python-ers.) If India and Japan are polar opposites then Beijing nestles somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, mixing the old, traditional Asia with the new, all-shiny Asia. I have to say, it’s one of the most fascinating cities I’ve ever been to in my …

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Traditional Kyoto

Kyoto is the heart of ancient, traditional Japan. You can’t go 100 yards without stumbling across an archaic – but beautifully preserved – temple, shrine or courtyard. That said, you probably won’t just stumble across these things as they’re quite hidden – meaning that Kyoto is not much to look at at first glance.  There’s …

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Japan – first impressions

So, India and Japan are polar opposites. In India, it was frequently too hot to go outside. In Japan, it seems that every time we set foot outdoors we get drenched in sheets of cold, grey rain. Everything is peaceful, systematic and reserved. The super-clean zen of Tokyo was a welcome relief after the hectic, …

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