7 Funny Signs

We found 7 funny signs and a few more that were a bit more lewd. We just had to share them once I had picked them from the archive!

There is nothing like taking a girl you like on a date to a fancy looking restaurant in an exotic country and then being able to offer her chicken condom blue…

so the condom blue for starter and then perhaps save the fried squits for later?…

Aparrently in New Zealand they have zips that drive as well as people. We can not confirm reports that zip drive however. Sorry about that.

Remember to leave your mobile and hand grenades at the door. They are not allowed in the bar just outside for the post beer session fight.

Ah India, the country of ironies. How much did the guy get bribes to pay the company for this sign and then the government minister?

In England we have leaves on the line. In Brazil they have meteors attacking their aeroplanes. Anything to avoid working.

Remember that no passing around a joint next to Vientaine’s famous monument. It apparently looks like a “concrete monster” (the monument signs own words) and attracting weed smokers would just be plain embarrassing.

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